Blogging Basics

20-Steps Blogging Guide to Mint Money by Making Your Way to Top of SERPs

Everyone wants to make a lot of money from blogging and affiliate marketing, but after meeting a few dozen bloggers over past couple of days, I realised that most of those folks go wrong in getting the basics right. Many of them genuinely don’t know things, while others don’t bother much, since they’ve somehow raked some money with event blogging or gotten lucky. But, sooner or later, they realise the importance of getting the basics right.

As first step, you need to do keyword research to identify main keyword for homepage of each blog + 5 secondary keywords for different posts, and follow these 20 steps.

Criterion for selection of keyword

Primary Keyword – must have over 30,000 monthly searches & under 99 competition in double quotes – such as “uber customer care” (60k+ searches, 5 competition in double quotes) – although this is a unique example of targeting keywords is not easy to produce content for, and you can’t drive much conversions from them, unless you know how to exploit them properly. Browse through our keyword idea of the day section to get an idea.

Secondary Keywords – 2 keywords with min 10,000 monthly searches & under 999 competition (Number of About results when you Google search the keyword in double quotes)

3 keywords with min 3000-5000 monthly searches & under 2000 competition in double quotes

Get 6 articles written for each of the blog (homepage/primary + 5 secondary keywords) – if you struggle with content, then you could seek help from a professional content writing agency or expert blogger.

Churn 2 short paras for “About” page, based upon the niche of your blog.

Instructions for Setup & SEO

1. Set up WordPress with the help of one-click installer; if you haven’t chosen a domain or bought hosting for it – you can grab this cool offer from A2 hosting

2. Install a good theme (according to the niche of the blog) – add sidebar & footer widgets, remove junk ones like “Meta” to make the site look good & unique.

3. Install all plugins (SEO Yoast, Google XML Sitemaps, Social Sharing, Statcounter, Contact
Form 7, by configuring email to admin ID, and activate Akismet by inserting your unique key) – you can read this post on top 10 WP plugins required for your first WordPress blog.

4. Create All Pages – About, Contact, Privacy, Sitemap (HTML)

5. Publish 6 articles (1/month back-dated for prev 3 months + 3 for current month @ 1/week +
schedule 4 more for next 1 month @ 1/week) initially, and then 4 more.

6. Activate SEO Yoast, putting homepage meta title, description, and keywords.

7. Ensure all published articles have Yoast SEO green signal before publishing, and you follow the on-page SEO guidelines.

8. Bookmark homepage on 5 Social bookmarking sites, G+, FB, Twitter, and

9. Register on 2 forums relevant to niche, and build at least 10 profile backlinks from sources like

10. Find 10 URLs of auto-approval commenting source (Powered by Disqus or anything else similar) and acquire backlinks.

11. Create 5 Web 2.0 on Blogspot, Weebly, Typepad, Hubpages, Tumblr (ANY 5 – choose different combinations each time) – publish 2 posts on each Web 2.0 initially, and you could use spun contents, but wisely!

12. Create interlinks among these 6 articles published, to ensure that each of your newly published page has an incoming link from another page of your own blog.

13. Identify 5 blog urls from your own blog network to link to a specific article according to the niche; if you don’t have any of your own blogs, become a paid member of Bloggers World, and gain access to 99 more blogs!

14. Bookmark each newly published on 5 unique social bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Plurk etc

Then leave another 48 hours gap

15. Create 5 Quora backlinks

After leaving 72 hours gap

16. Create 5 Yahoo answers/ backlinks or similar universal forums and popular sites.

After leaving 48 hours gap

17. Create 5 powered by Disqus (or any auto approved) comments

After leaving 72 hours gap

18. Publish articles (can be spun & smartly edited) on the Web 2.0 created in the beginning – make sure that you’ve a healthy mix of expired Tumblrs, Weebly, and fresh WordPress, Blogspot, Wix, Weebly, Tumblr, Blogetery etc.

Leaving 48 hours gap

19. Bookmark and index all newly created backlinks (few links per day – not ALL at a time)

20. Add the Google Adsense ad code in sidebar & each post MANUALLY (don’t insert in single.php) at starting & end of each article, and then test with placements initially – don’t be lazy – once you think you’ve achieved optimal CTR, you can use plugins like Google Adsense Manager.

Using Ahref monitor the backlinks, and check rankings manually.

To track the progress of rankings of each post, add the site to panel, and add keywords to be tracked – check every Monday, try to monitor the reports, and also keep an eye on the competitors.

Once you start receiving some traffic, next obvious step would be creating a custom logo for each site using either online logo maker or Photoshop.

After checking rankings in DQ if you don’t find your blog on page 1 you need to tweak your on page SEO and pause link building for 2 days.

If you see your blog ranking in page 1 in DQ after 3 days build more links otherwise check on-page SEO again. And, if you’ve followed all the steps correctly, you’d be pleasantly surprised to see you blog ranking on Page 1, and receive some SEO traffic. And, in that case, don’t forget to read our guide to monetising a blog.

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And, hereafter, it’s all about finding your mistakes, correcting them, and then simply rinse and repeat the process!

If you’re looking for a faster, safer & easier WP experience at a decent price, I also recommend you to give it a go to Fatcow WP hosting package @ $45/yr with free domain name (now available at special Black Friday discounted pricing)



  1. Suman Santra 3 years ago

    Excellent and well-written simple steps. Every blog should mean something and to achieve I think you have really taken the pain to summarise for the generation.

  2. Gowtham 3 years ago

    I dint understand the 18th point. What is meant by afm?

    • bloggers_0gg3c6 3 years ago

      Sorry about the jargons – AFM = Articles for Marketing – usually the low quality spun posts published on places like or any article directories, where approval is automatic and instant

  3. JItendra Singh 3 years ago

    Awesome to learn and get more knowledge about seo and blogging, Especially how to do things right.

  4. Jitendra Singh 3 years ago

    Happy Republic Day – loved this offer and starting my next blog on this auspicious day, thanks to the amazing Reseller Club offer
    And, thanks for your coupon code – it worked & saved my money – will be starting it on

  5. yuvaraj 3 years ago

    What is the use of time gap and why ????

    • bloggers_0gg3c6 3 years ago

      That’s to make the process look natural – if you build too many links too soon, it’s dangerous – if you’ve an old blog, then it’s totally up to you.

  6. Denis 3 years ago

    Hi Om!

    Interesting technique! I am at number 9 but I have a question.

    You said register in 2 forums and build 10 profile backlinks. Do you mean we should make 10 accounts? Or acquire profile backlinks by posting? Sorry I got confused…

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Abuzar 2 years ago

    Great article om Sir thanks a ton!

  8. Satya 2 years ago

    That’s really helpful guide; The time differentiation that you have mentioned that’s really helpful.


  9. Salman 2 years ago

    Sounds so good. But one should be very determined, focused and passionate to get there. Good things doesn’t come easily. Thanks for the short and sweet post with valid points.

    Spreading positivity is GOOD..!

  10. Amit Chauhan 1 year ago

    Om Bro, this is very good list. I think you forgot one activity to mention and that is Guest blogging. Guest Blogging is also good way to create back-links and it really helps to achieve good rankings. What you say?

  11. Surendra Jadli 1 year ago

    Sir, thanks a lot for such a lovely article. It was really helpful to gain a lot from a single source. Please keep posting for us. Love from

  12. Niranjan 1 year ago

    All time good read, all 20 points are useful and well written.

  13. Sattvic 1 year ago

    Yahoo answers not allowing links , so better is quora.

  14. Arvind Dandotiya 4 months ago

    Wow sir it is really one of the best article that i know till now
    Thanks for sharing secrets

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