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Keyword Idea of the Day – Jan 15: Cars Niche

Hey folks, we’re back with keyword idea of the day, and this time in cars niche – “best small automatic car” – is the keyword of the day for Jan 15, 2017

This time, I’m giving away a gold mine, because if someone builds an EMD on this, it can be a brandable one, which one can easily get paid posting orders from brands like Datsun, Hyundai, Maruti etc, because almost every other car manufacturer is coming up with small automatic cars to cater to the demand of the buyers looking for hassle-free driving during heavy traffic.

Moreover, this keyword gets a tick against all the checkboxes in the selection criteria in terms of monthly search volume, DQR (competition in double quotes when you Google the keyword) and CPC.

“best small automatic car” – 1k-10k searches – 500 DQR – $0.99 CPC

What’s more, this could be an ideal contender for a .desi domain selection, if you’re targeting the desi car buyers in India, and when you approach an advertiser, you might have high chances of grabbing their attention quite easily with a dot desi domain – so head to www.mywebsite.desi and register one – apply coupon code WEBFOSYS99 to grab one for just Rs 99 or comment here for any help.

I’ve been busy with link building for my December network, but as soon as i get free in a day or two, i’d probably pick this up and build a micro-niche blog for another case study, if none of you pick this KW and build an EMD (if you do it, pls PM me so that i don’t do it as well, so as to avoid a possible conflict)

Stay tuned for lot more fun as we prepare to launch the bloggers marketplace here and on Bloggers.desi – happy blogging!


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