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Happy New Year – What’s Your A-Z of 2019?

Happy New Year folks – I celebrated New Year at home with some fine wine, watching episodes of Young Sheldon, updating my Twitter, FB pages, penning down this blog post, posting replies on Quora and planning for the January month revenue targets, and other things.

It felt much better than just partying out for a change (though i love partying out equally, but surprisingly this felt better) – hope all of you had a blast!

How did you celebrate your New Year, and what’s gonna’ be your prime focus for 2019?

a. Affiliate Marketing (white-hat or blackhat camps)
b. Blogging (or Blog Network)
c. Content Writing (Freelance or Agency)
d. Domaining
e. Ecom Business (Dropshipping or Own Setup)
f. Flipping sites/blogs/digital assets
g. Groupon Type – Coupons & Deals Portal
h. Hardcore Tech/Development (Freelance or Agency)
i. Influencer Marketing
j. JV Launches (JVZoo or Solo launches)
k. Killer Courses (becoming a guru!)
l. Live Betting/Gambling
m. Media Buying (freelance or agency)
n. News Sites/Portals
o. Options/Futures/Stock Trading
p. PaaS (Platform as a Service)
q. Question others & poke nose in their business!
r. Real Estate [buying/selling/brokerage – online or offline]
s. SaaS Product/Service
t. Traditional Business [apni dukaan]
u. Unemployed for 2019 [student/others who cant yet work]
v. Viral Marketing (Sites like WittyFeed/BuzzFeed)
w. WorldWide Digital Agency
y. YouTube
z. Zumba / Dancing / Fitness

List down others, if i missed anything in my A-Z of 2019 – so what’s your pick?

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