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Keyword Ideas for Dec 10 2016

Fellow Bloggers – that day is finally here when we’re officially starting “Keyword Idea of the Day” on Bloggers World to give lucrative keyword ideas that don’t require a lot of link building.

I’m quite sure that all the newbies would find this helpful to create a post on their blog and try to rank for it within a week’s time to drive some natural organic SEO traffic to their blog.

So, here’s our keyword idea of the day for Dec 10, 2016 – htc butterfly price

It has under 6000 results in SEO competition i.e. DQR (results when you Google it in Double Quotes), though the CPC is quite low around Rs 4.

It can be good for a tech blog looking to drive some traffic, especially mobile review blogs, looking to generate affiliate sales through Amazon, SnapDeal, Flipkart or any Indian portals.

So, go ahead & target it – happy blogging & wishing more traffic & $$$ to you!


Om Thoke

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