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Keyword Ideas of the Day: Dec 14 & 15 – Coupons Niche

Here are keyword ideas of the day for Dec 14 & 15 that many of you have been eagerly waiting for. As per request from another Bloggers World member Disha, today I’m doing keywords research around coupons niche, especially “Starbucks Coupons” as a special request.

Due to my extensive experience in couponing and deals industry, it was just a two mins job for me to find 4 decent keyword ideas, and create this post in a matter of under 4 mins.

Starbucks Promo Code – DQR – 3540, Rs 78 & Vol – 1k-10k Searches

Starbucks K Cup Coupons – DQR – 1280, Search Vol – 100-1000 Searches – Rs 116 CPC

Starbucks coupon code – DQR – 6590, Search Vol – 1k-10k, CPC – Rs 64

Free starbucks coupon – DQR – 3840 results, Search Vol 100-1000, CPC Rs 150
Most probably I’m gonna pickup one of them, and rank it on one of my coupons & deals sites, and test waters to ensure that the keyword ideas I’m giving, can easily be ranked in a matter of week or two.

BTW, I’m finally happy to see more than $1 per day coming steady on my micro-niche Adsense blogs, alongside the daily $300+/day on affiliate blogs.


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