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Merry Xmas Bloggers!

Firstly, wishing a very Merry Xmas to all the bloggers, and hoping that may this Christmas bring you lot of traffic, conversions and $$$, and if any of you have been targeting keywords, they should have been longtail keywords like “christmas text messages 2016”, unless you were trying to target it on an aged high-authority blog.

However, there’s still time to cash in on the New Year’s Eve – if you want to drive image traffic, go with something like “new year 2017 pics”, which doesn’t have any search history, but it’ll certainly fetch you enough traffic on Dec 1 & Jan 1.

If you’re targeting the desi crowd, you go rank something like “funny new year shayari in hindi” – talking of desi, it reminds me that our new exclusive desi bloggers portal – Bloggers.desi is coming out next week, and before the New Year’s Eve, we’ll be all set with desi bloggers marketplace.

And, in 2017 I will try to help at least 365 people make their first $100 via blogging through Bloggers.desi, take 10 to $1000+ a month level, and at least one to $10k+ level (of course, this won’t be easy, but most probably this would have to work in some sort of partnership model)

For all those who’ve been consistently working towards achieving the page 1 ranking in SERPs, well more power to you, and if you’re just getting started don’t worry – Bloggers World is here to help you.

Join our FB community & WhatsApp group to collaborate with fellow bloggers, and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions that you may have, no matter how naive they may sound!

Winners for Surprise X-mas Contests

We had two exciting giveaways and the first one was a tie between Pranshu & Gowtham, so Gowtham chose a 4l.in domain, while Pranshu requested for a DA 20+ dofollow contextual link (both being kept confidential as per request)

Winners of Dot Desi Domains Giveaway are as follows

Nayan Kariya – Freelancewriter.desi

Jai Gupta – Nanikenuskhe.desi (read Nani Ke Nuskhe)

Makardeep – Trendingtrends.desi

Himanshu Singh – Valentine.desi

Rohan Gadekar – Swagmera.desi

Sadly though, the first one to comment was Shashank, but he chose an unavailable domain (which BTW is owned by another fellow member of Bloggers World!)

So, go ahead and launch these amazing desi blogs in 2016, and start making some $$$ from them in 2017 – happy Xmas once again and stay tuned for lot more fun as we celebrate the last week of 2016 in style with launch of Bloggers.desi – until then, keep blogging!


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